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Senior Project Architect - Buenos Aires


         * Bachelor’s degree, or higher, in architecture
         * A minimum of 10 years working in a leading, international architecture firm, including
            demonstrated success as a senior project manager/architect on a range of architectural 
            project types
         * Experience working on large-scale civic/cultural projects, and have been involved in a 
            minimum of three under construction/completed projects – from schematic design 
            to construction design (please be specific about your role on these projects in your

Professional and Personal Skills:

          * Expertise in construction drawings and construction details; strong understanding of 
             building systems and materials
          * Demonstrate strong knowledge of codes, practice standards, and industry 
          * Highly skilled in AutoCAD, with a working knowledge of Maya, Revit and Rhino
          * Positive energy; with an ability to accelerate the communication and efficiency 
             between clients, collaborators, consultants, and partners
          * Experience successfully managing a multidisciplinary team through effective 
             leadership and motivation; and, has a strong capacity to develop and coordinate 
             strategies to ensure that their team reaches the goals and high-quality levels of 
             production required to meet project milestones
          * Highly organized and efficient, able to multi-task through tight deadlines in a 
             fast-paced environment, and is a strong team player

Jobs: Welcome
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